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A Pacific Northwest Adventure - Orca's Island 50 Mile Race Report

Posting Date: 5/14/17
Current Weight: 175 lbs
Total Miles Last Week: 59
Long Run This Past Weekend: 50 Miles at Orca's Island 50m

I first learned about Orca's Island about a year ago when watching an online video highlighting the 50k race hosted on Orca's. The lush pacific northwest trails that the video showcased captured my imagination, and I kept Orca's in the back of my mind as a place I'd love to be able to run someday. 

Someday came about four weeks ago, fresh off the heels of my finish at Zion 100 mile. I was cruising around, looking at event details for a few races I'd read about while on my trip. I came across the Orca's Island 50m, marathon, half + Trail Running Festival, an event that was to have it's inaugural running this year to compliment the 50k and 100mile distance races that already exist on the island at different times of the year. I'd read about the 50k and 100 mile races on the island, and not only to most race repor…

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